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"Lost loved ones program"

Our lost loved ones program offers funding and other means of support to families that have lost a loved one due to the disease of addiction. 

"Family Abandonment Program"

Our family abandonment program offers assistance to mothers and fathers in recovery raising families on their own, due to the fact that thier family has abandoned or shunned them. 

"Youth sports alternative program"

Our youth sports alternative program offers funding for children growing up in urban environments to keep them involved in sports and off of the streets. 

"Developed trade program"

Our developed trade program is designed to provide the essentials needed for an individual in recovery to begin the process of starting a new trade. This program exists because many individuals in recovery have accumulated criminal records that may impede them from many job opportunities

"Christmas drive program"

Our Christmas drive program is designed to provide gifts and other means of support to families in need that have been affected by the disease of addiciton. 

"Sober Living Program"

Our Sober living program provides funding for men and woman living in sober communities that are either behind on their rent, or in need of funding upon completing treatment. 

"Criminal history assistance program"

Our criminal history assistance program offers funding to alleviate criminal fines to individuals in recovery who have accumulated unecessary criminal charges due to their addiction. 

"Recognition of excellence in sobriety program"

Our Recognition of excellence in sobriety program provides prizes of recognition such as flowers, gift cards to dinner etc, to individuals in recovery that display excellence in sobriety. 

"Fun activities in sobriety program"

Our Fun activities in sobriety program awards individuals in recovery celebrating a year or more of continuous sobriety. This program offers an alternative to the bar, or night life scence. Awards include flowers, concert tickets, movie tickets, etc. 

"Grooming program"

Our Grooming program provides free haircuts or hairstyles for an entire community of men or woman who do not have the resources to provide that for themselves. 

"Treatment completion program" 

Our Treatment completion program provides funding for clothing, used mobile devices and transportation needs for individuals that have sucessfully completed treatment without family support. 

"Youth empowerment program"

Our Youth empowerment program provides knowledge, awareness, school supplies and haircuts to our youth living in urban communities as they prepare for school. 

"The Chad Duffy Scholarship"

The Chad Duffy Scholarship is a 500.00 scholarship in honor of the late Chad Duffy who lost his battle to the disease of addiction on 05/14/19. The funds are awarded anually to one individual in recovery to assist them in their transition from treatment into a sober living community. 

"The Nadia Lopez Scholarship"

The Nadia Lopez Scholarship is a 250.00 scholarship in honor of the late Nadia Lopez who lost her battle to the disease of addiction on 01/23/2019. The funds will be awarded annually to a female in recovery with 90 days or more of continuous sobriety to award her for her excellence in sobriety. 

"Financial literacy program"

Our Financial literacy program is designed to educate and intill the basic principles of finances to better prepare individuals who have sucessfully completed treatment. Some of the topics discussed are debt removal, developing a savings plan and creating an abundance mindset to achieve your goals.